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"Exercise gives me a chance to take all challenges and problems off my mind"

Physical fitness has been proven to improve practically all aspects of life, from a decrease in feelings of depression to improved cognition, and a better quality of life**.

*Survey of Jackson-Reed Student-Athletes

**Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans by

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Who We Are

OneCity is a DC-based nonprofit corporation working towards improving physical health equality and standards in DC public schools through increased access to high-quality fitness equipment.


Physical activity is proven to lower feelings of depression and anxiety while promoting healthy habits and high self-confidence. OneCity hopes to raise awareness of the benefits of exercise and inspire DC youth to get active. 

By The Numbers

20 Minutes*

Boost Your Mental Health*

Less than 50%*

Getting at least 20 minutes of moderate physical exercise a day lowers your risk for cardiovascular disease, blood pressure, and cholesterol.  

Consistent physical activity has proven to reduce depression, anxiety and improve one's quality of sleep

*Statistics from the CDC and the Physical Activity and Muscle-Strengthening Guidelines set by

Less than 50% of all high school students met the Physical Activity and Muscle-Strengthening Guidelines from 2011-2015. Help us change these numbers for the better. 

Charity Volunteers


Consider making a contribution today to help change the lives of thousands of students in the District of Columbia. 

Your action TODAY will have a significant impact in these students lives. 


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